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When you were searching for French English translation, what did you hope to find? Were you looking for value for money, a fast turnaround time and peace of mind in the knowledge that the translator of your work will be an experienced native speaker with the appropriate background and qualifications?

Would your ideal translator be someone that combined professional translation skills with knowledge of your industry? For example, the translation of technical literature for an engineering company by a translator who was also an engineer or had a proven track record of translation in this area? Marketing texts, on the other hand, necessitate very different skills and require much thought and flair.


Translation is not always clear cut, therefore we make every effort to work in collaboration with you to ensure the best possible outcome. From the most detailed contract, tender or manual to the smallest personal letter or document, we take the same care and pride in every translation French English has been our core business for over 25 years and as such you can rely on our integrity - and our honest, impartial advice.


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